Review: Wishing on the Water

Wishing on the Water Wishing on the Water by Elizabeth York
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***** April's 5 Star Review ***** 5 Dreams and Screams

"I was always told never to wish on the first star at night. If everyone wishes on the first star, how can the star keep up? Rain drops are plentiful and there are thousands. They wash away the filth and carry it to a better place. So when you make a wish, wish on the water and let it carry your fears away."

Candice-Leigh Carson, a New York City best-selling author, was engaged to one of NYPD's finest. She was living the dream until she lost her fiancé, quit her job and moved, leaving behind the only family she ever knew. She left her best friend Jaxson, without saying goodbye. In her quest to find herself, would she ever find love again?

Jaxson Monroe, one of NYPD's finest, lost his partner when an undercover job went south. After spending a night with his partner's lover, Candice, she flees into the night. He loved Candice and had promised his partner he would protect her. It was his fault she ran, but he quickly found himself in the arms of another. Would Jaxson ever convince Candice to come home or did he prefer another woman? Would their love survive his betrayal and her abandonment?

OMG! Boy do I love a good book that is a tear jerker and a cliff hanger rolled up into one. This is my first book by Elizabeth York and boy was I glad it was this one. You will not be disappointed with this one. Wishing on the Water is jammed pack with lots of action from the moment you start reading it to the end. I couldn’t put this one down.

Candice is a sweet woman who suffered a traumatic loss. Between dealing with the grief and deep sadness she leans on the one person who how been there for her from day one, her best friend Jax. Jax is Chase’s best friend, also takes the lost hard not only because he was his best friend but aslso because he was his partner in the police department. The chemistry between Candice and Jax are beyond beautiful and special. Candice is throw more curve balls that all you want to do is be there for her as she is dealing with all of this.

Wishing on Water is a story about strength, survival, friendship and love. I absolutely loved the friendship between Jax and Candice. I recommend this book to everyone, especially those who have dealt with a loss and grief. I can’t want to see what happens next with Jax who I love and Candice.

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