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Win For Love by Isabelle Peterson

Win For Love By Isabelle Peterson Congratulations Isabelle Peterson on the two year publiversary of Win For Love!! To celebrate, Isabelle has made Win For Love only $.99 for a limited time!  Blurb: What would you do if you won the lottery?   ALL Crystal Jameson wants is a ticket out of her life. An alcoholic mother. A brother in prison for drug possession and grand theft auto. No father in sight. And a go nowhere job at a utility company. When she finds $10 and impulsively buys a scratch off ticket, and wins $5,000 a week for LIFE - Is this her ticket out of here? And how can she keep from being taken advantage of due to her newfound riches? So she tells no one. EVERYONE knows who David Waterston is. Son of the Waterstons. Wealthy. Gorgeous. One of this year’s Chicago’s Most Eligible Bachelors. Everyone, that is except this mysterious woman who doesn’t seem to know who he is. But she isn’t an open book herself. He’s been used and burned before by those who just see his wealth.