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Forget Cinderella Forget Cinderella by Tracey Champion
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***** April's 5 Star Review ***** 5 Dreams and Screams

Cara Mia
I think about how interesting events that happen in our lives shape who we are. At age twelve I was Mommas beautiful happy hippy princess. By the age of thirteen I had learned what loss was, I was sad and closed off and trying not to be angry at the world.
When I turned eighteen I learned the value of a true friend and who can be a person’s worst enemy. I figured out who to trust and that not all people stay.
I was lonely and sad by age twenty-one. I was supposed to enjoy being a real adult. However something was missing in my life. I found what I had learned about trust was wrong. Keeping my friends distant was wrong. When I met her. She became my friend.
At age twenty-one I learned I was loved. My new friend kept me close to him. He wanted me. I had learned to overcome being broken by people we don’t expect. By stories we are to afraid to listen to.
I also learned this year may be my last year, my last day and I may never really know why. This was not my fault. I became an easy target marked by hidden truths and lies that should have been told. The bull’s-eye is dark red and all over my body and no one sees it till it’s too late…or is it

She became my everything the day I met her. I was twenty-seven my life was all about my work. Women never came before my job, until her. Then I screwed up. She became my job, but I did not want her to be a job.
All I could see finally was her. She came first. I want her to be mine. First I need to fix the job I did wrong. I screwed up once and the problem (him) was right in front of me. The only issue is who will accomplish their goal first him or me.

OMG! This was an awesome book! Loved the characters especially Cara and Jordan. Cara Mia has been through so much in her life. Tom & Wendy stepped up when they didn’t need to but they did.. I fell in love with Jordan from the beginning, and that’s when I knew that Cara and Jordan needed to be together. Don’t get me started on Travis, I knew something was up with him from the very first moment he was mentioned. The rest of the crew I fell in love with them. I can tell you that I cried and laughed throughout this book.. The ending OMG, I need more. If you don’t like a cliffhanger than you don’t want to read this one. Tracey really you had to end it like that? I so can't wait to see where this book picks back up.
Thanks Tracey for introducing me to Cara, Jordan and the gang! Can’t wait to see what happens next! If I could give the book a 10 star I would.

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