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Syn Consulting: Dragon Wars Chronicles Book One by A.G. Carothers

Syn Consulting: Dragon War Chronicles Book 1 Release Blitz By: A.G. Carothers Syn Consulting: Dragon War Chronicles Book One by A.G. Carothers Available Free with Kindle Unlimited/$3.99 to purchase Blurb: Welcome to SYN Consulting, the top business strategy consulting firm in Europe, home to a motley crew whose leader has a life changing secret. CEO, Danica Lestrange, is the first female dragon born in the last 800 years. Hidden from the rest of her kin and raised in the human world, she built a life that she would defend until her death. A devious plan is unearthed while working on a new business deal that could plunge the dragons into another war with the humans. The humans may have forgotten the last dragon-human war, but the dragons have not. Will the war reveal this hidden world to the humans, or will the clans come together to defeat their enemies and maintain their anonymity? Danica must gather her allies and help the very dragons she's hidden from