Review: Unexpected Chances

Unexpected Chances Unexpected Chances by A.M. Willard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let me start by saying this is an amazing read and as always it’s very well written. It’s an awesome storyline and I can’t wait for book two. This book is done in a Dual POV but it’s awesomely done.
If you have read A.M. Willard’s One Night Series then you have meet Miss Tabitha Michaelson or as Carter calls her Tabby Cat. Tabitha has a Wild, Crazy and Free personality. Her brother and his friends call her Firecracker and I can promise after reading this book and even reading the One Night Series you will understand why. Tabitha does have a bit of an issue she has to take care of herself. What’s that issue you ask? Well that issue is called “The CB”, but that’s all I can really say. He He He

In Forever Night the final book in the One Night Series you also caught a glimpse of the sexy as sin Carter Northwood or The Stalker. Carter is the ultimate book boyfriend. He’s sexy, has tattoos, and owns a business and head over heels in love with his Tabby Cat. However Carter has “The Problem” in his way. What’s “The Problem” you ask well you will just have to read this book and find out.

Once you finish this book you will be asking yourself these questions...
1. Will Carter’s problem be taken care of soon?
2. Will Tabitha trust Carter again?
3. Will Carter and Tabitha find their way?

A.M. Willard babe congrats on book four. It’s just as amazing as the first. I love that you gave me the chance to review this one for you and wanted you to know it’s amazing and I need me some more CARTER! I loved that I am the one you called about your wants and won’ts and you know you can call me anytime about anything. Now that you have seen my review you need to get your tush in gear and give me some more Carter. Love ya lady!!

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