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Boss Box Set (Boss 1-5) by Rae Lynn Blaise Release Blitz

Title: Boss Box Set Series: Boss #1-5 Author: Rae Lynn Blaise Genre: Mob BDSM Roman ce    Release Date : June 30 , 201 6 Blurb Book 1 "Six years ago, I made a deal with the devil. Six years ago, I delivered a package to a man that made me tremble - in fear and in lust. Six years ago, I barely walked away with my life. Today, that man became my boss. And I'm still trembling." Book 2 "There is more to my boss than I ever expected - more needs. But then, there's more to me than he knows - more wants. Together, we could start fires with our scorching heat. But how hot can we get before I am burned alive?" Book 3 "My past is threatening to overwhelm me, to destroy what happiness I have found. My lover, my boss has a past as well, but he won't let me in. I'll do anything for him to let me in - anything. But can I survive the secrets I uncover?" Book 4 "I'm afraid I'll be destroyed the same way my sister was. I want t

Yesterday's Tomorrows by M.E. Montgomery Release Blitz

Title: Yesterday’s Tomorrows Author: M.E. Montgomery Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: June 30, 2016 Blurb If growing up in her home wasn’t enough to shatter Madelyn Stone’s illusions of happily ever after, then serving several years behind bars certainly was. Her crime? Believing in family and growing up on the wrong side of the tracks. She’s learned the hard way that there is no such thing as a prince in shining armor. Between a career in the Marines and plans to marry his childhood sweetheart, Holten Andrews had his future all mapped out…until life took an unexpected, heart-ripping turn. Now he’s moved on with a new career in law and vows to confine women to one of three categories: family, professional, and f*ckable. No blurring the lines. Ever. Love is the last thing on Maddy’s mind as she attempts to forge a new path out of the wreckage of her life. Holt’s sense of loyalty is rocked when he’s blindsided by feelings for a woman he would normally condemn. When revela

Bet Me Something (The Something Series #3) by Aubrey Bondurant Release Blitz

Title: Bet Me Something Series: The Something Series #3 Author: Aubrey Bondurant Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: June 30, 2016 Blurb Being able to stand on your own two feet, sometimes requires getting knocked off them completely...  McKenzie “Kenzie” Lane is newly graduated from college and looking forward to a dream internship she has lined up for the summer in LA. Unfortunately, her controlling mother has other plans.  Colby Singer, with his hot-as-sin looks and wicked charm, is never without attention from the ladies. Despite suspecting how Kenzie feels about him, he’s always kept her comfortably off-limits since she’s the baby sister of one of his best friends. But when he’s determined to distract her temporarily from the stress of her mother’s ultimatum, deciding to show her some fun, he quickly finds that keeping her in the friend zone is not as easy as he’d hoped.  Once Kenzie realizes this may be her last opportunity to gauge her long-time crush’s true feelings, she

Just a Man (The Porter Trilogy #1) by Shannon Youngblood Release Blitz

Title: Just a Man Series: The Porter Trilogy #1 Author: Shannon Youngblood Genre: Alpha Adult Romance Release Date:  June 30, 2016 For Charlotte Ann-Marie Hightower, living with her best friend, applying for a Personal Assistant job at Alex Porter Industries and enjoying all that Southern California had to offer was enough to scab over the tragic truth of her past. Little did she know that Alex Porter, a sexy billionaire entrepreneur, would turn everything on its axis. Alex comes with his own past of tragic regret that often causes his desire for complete control in all areas of his life. However, with one look from the fiery haired daydreamer, everything changed for him too. Now Charlotte finds herself facing the deepest darkest aspects of the past while Alex refuses to do the same. The question becomes, can they save each other from a past that quickly becomes their present? “The chemistry literally drips from the pages as you get into the complex, yet sizzling relationship betwe

Keeping London (The Flawed Heart Series #2) by Ellie Wade Release Blitz

Title: Keeping London Series: The Flawed Heart Series #2 Author: Ellie Wade Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date:  June 30, 2016 GONE.  He's gone away,  Deployed.  My biggest fear realized.  Well, my second biggest fear.  He's overseas, but he's alive.  When Loïc left, my heart went with him.  In shattered pieces of good-bye.  Until we are together again…  GONE.  Leaving her was the hardest thing I've ever done.  Until I got here.  The danger, the fear, the pain—  It's real.  I promised I'd get back to her.  A promise I'm determined to keep.  A vow that might be harder than I thought.  A battle of my heart.  A war with my mind.  A fight to return to London…  ***Book 2 in The Flawed Heart Series, must be read after Finding London.  ***Intended for readers 18+ due to mature content. Ellie Wade resides in southwest Michigan with her husband, three young children, and two dogs. She has a Master’s degree in education from Eastern Michigan University and is