Besieged By Rain by Michelle Irwin Free Promo


From March 16th until March 20th, you can one click book 1 of the Son of Rain Series for FREE!! 


A high school crush shouldn’t destroy your life. For Clay Jacobs, his desire for Evie Meyers almost did.
As a member of a secret organization intent on neutralizing the threat nonhumans pose, he should have recognized the truth of Evie’s heritage earlier and destroyed her before she could flee.
Two years later, the memory of her haunts him. It holds him captive and assaults him nightly. To bring an end to his torment, Clay must find her.
But when he does, will he kill the woman he can't forget or run with the woman he can't let go?

**Due to strong language and sexual content not intended for anyone under the age of 18.**

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