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Solis Solis by Elda Lore
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Crystal's 4 Star Review
This is the second book in the series and I recommend reading Hades first because they do reference it many times in this one.
In this book, we meet Solis, son of Zeke (Zeus). Zeke’s been coming to Persephone’s mom’s farm for years and has invited both Persephone and her best friend Veva to his house for a vacation while they are out of college for the summer. While there, they meet Zeke’s son Solis. At first Veva does all that she can to avoid Solis because she can recognize a player from a mile away. Solis is bound and determined to stay away, but Solis is just as determined to get closer.
I liked this story a lot. The characters are great, I love to see everyone’s story line as it pertains to the gods. Once again, my issue was some parts dragged because of the details. Now, will I read this story again and continue on with the series? ABSOLUTELY!! I would recommend this series to anyone who likes PNR with a twist to it. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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