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Nitro's Torment Nitro's Torment by Nina Levine
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Aubrey's 4 Star Review
Nitro's Torment was an emotional roller coaster of a read. The Sidney Storm MC is in war with another MC. People are dying and their is non-stop fighting. Along for the ride is Tatum. Tatum never asked to be involved with what is going on but she can't run now. Nitro has Tatum in his protection. All they do is fight, bicker and argue. However, underneath all the gruff exterior of Nitro lies someone who just longs to be loved and for someone he can protect that isn't his family. The two of them have a tonne of secrets that keep them from entering into a relationship sooner.
Nitro is responsible for so much outside of Storm. He has a lot on his hands but he can't resist the tattooed beauty of Tatum. He wants to and tries hard to do so but she is in his system. Nitro is the alpha character that I like. He is so alpha but yet takes care of his sister, his brother and his niece and doesn't care what others think about that.
Tatum wants revenge. Her brother was killed and she wants who did to pay. She really doesn't think about what it will take to get revenge. She also wants to be loved and protected but fights it more than anyone.
I loved this book. The banter was funny and witty. You could feel the chemistry of both characters pop off the page. I need to read to Storm series now.

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