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I Run to You I Run to You by Jennifer Sivec
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***** April's 5 Star Review ***** 5 Dreams and Screams
When you think you're unlovable, how do you find the courage to love?

All of Alyssa Bennet's life, the two people who were supposed to love her the most have let her down. Anna, her best friend, and her beloved grandmother, Nona, are the only constants in her every day; that is until the unbelievably perfect Landon Daniels comes along. For the first time in her life, Alyssa begins to believe that she just might be worthy of being loved.

When the unexpected happens and threatens to snatch away her first chance at happiness, Alyssa must decide if she wants to continue her journey alone, or embrace the love she's always wished for.

Women's Fiction author, Jennifer Sivec explores hope, courage, and mortality in this gripping novel about one woman's struggle to discover what it means to come to terms with your past, and above all, love yourself enough to be loved.

Have you ever started reading a book and get on a certain chapter and you realize you have already read it? Well I have and I am so glad I read it again. It was just as good the second time around than the first.

If you have never read any of Jennifer Sivec's books than you definitely should start by reading I Run to You. The story is heartrending, and gives you a feeling of what true love can be like.
After being with her boyfriend Tom for 5 years, Alyssa decides she is going to break up with him. When she thinks there is a possibility she could be pregnant, Alyssa hopes for the best but the news is negative for pregnancy, but she receives news that is devastating.

Alyssa’s co-worker Landon befriends her, and they start to get closer. If though Alyssa doesn't have much faith in herself, so she starts to push Landon away. You see, Alyssa didn’t have the best family life. Her mother abandons her, her dad was emotionally unavailable but the 2 people she does have is her best friend Anna and her grandmother.

Can Alyssa find the love that she is looking for or does she push it all away?

Thank you Jennifer for letting me fall in love with Alyssa and Landon. I can’t wait to read more of your books.

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