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Wild Moon Wild Moon by AR DeClerck
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**** April's Review **** 5 Dreams and Screams
I received Wild Moon written by AR DeClerck from Dreams and screams Bookaholics for an honest review
Jessy Smith woke at sixteen with no memory of her life before. Scared and in trouble she was taken in and accepted by Sebastian and his Gifted family, and for ten years she was happy and loved. When a vicious threatening whisper began to haunt her every waking moment Jessy ran, scared that she was crazy. If she wasn’t, Bas and all her friends were in terrible danger.
Five months later Jessy’s back to ask Bas for help. Bas is the only one that can help save her best friend from dying. But the whisper came back and it's wanting Jess away from Bas no matter the cost.
Something inside Jessy is waking up. Her past is coming back and it might take Bas and the rest of her friends with it. Can Jessy face her fear of the past to protect her future, even if it means giving up the thing she wants the most. A home.
I loved this book. I couldn't put it down the chemistry between Jessy and Bas was so strong that I was afraid that some terrible was going to happen to them. For them to have gone through what they did and find the love and trust for one another. This is my first time reading a book by AR DeClerck. I would love to read more from her and get to know all of the other Gifted family of Sebastian. Especially Sage and Gio

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