Undeniable (Higher Elevation Series #3) by Renee Regent Release Blitz

Title: Undeniable 
Series: Higher Elevation Series #3
Author: Renee Regent
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: January 3, 2017
Can an undeniable bond transcend time and distance?
When the past seems brighter than the future…
It’s 1986─seven years since Christian Levine last heard from his lost love, Sarah McKenn. When an opportunity arises to leave his crumbling life in California and return to Fort Winston, Colorado, he hopes to rekindle more than memories. If he can find Sarah again, he plans to prove to her their psychic soul connection was more than just a phase two college kids went through.
When the future will save you from your past…

Sarah McKenn is about to leave Fort Winston, moving to Sedona, Arizona for a career opportunity she can’t pass up. She and her daughter Sophie are looking forward to their new adventure, but when two men come back into Sarah’s life at the same time, she has to decide whether to face the secrets of her past, or embrace her future and never look back. 
When your life is no longer your own….
Sarah knows she must do what is best for her daughter, but can she ignore the explosive chemistry and weird psychic connection she still has with Chris? Or will her unresolved past destroy her chance for love, and a new life?
"Undeniable is a soulful, satisfying ending to a wonderful series. The Higher Elevation trilogy will delight fans of mystery and romance alike." - NYT Bestselling Author Annabel Joseph
His tongue sought hers, deepening the kiss. His hand on her hip, kneading and caressing, made her own hands itch to feel his muscles. She ran one palm over his back, straying lower until she felt skin where his shirt ended. He broke the kiss to press his lips against her neck, moving downward. Behind her closed eyes, colors started swirling, and she felt herself slipping into a dream-like state. Making love had always been more than a physical act between them, and she could sense the blending of their minds as keenly as she felt the heat of his firm body against hers. He murmured against her ear, “Baby, I’ve missed you so much. I want to make it up to you, to love you so good and so hard you’ll never forget me.”
A lifelong entrepreneur, Renee Regent spent most of her life writing for business. But she never lost her love of writing stories, especially romance, science fiction, and fantasy. She’s always been fascinated with the science of how the universe works, but equally entranced by the unexplained. Being an incurable romantic, she now writes stories about the power of love, with a supernatural twist. Her stories feature psychics, witches, ghosts and ordinary people who do extraordinary things.
Renee, a California native, lives in Atlanta with her husband, three cats and four turtles. When not working or writing, she can be found sitting on her deck enjoying nature. Wine may or may not be involved….
A member of Georgia Romance Writers and the Georgia Writer’s Association, Renee also loves blogging and sharing her ideas on the business side of being an author, trends in fiction, and tips she has learned in her writing journey.


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