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Relent Relent by Nina Levine
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Aubrey's 5 Star Review
I see Nina Levine's books all over facebook, blogs and Goodreads. I actually had bought the first 4 books in her Storm series in a bundles but had yet to start reading them. I started Relent and it was relentless how much I thought about this story. How I just needed to read faster and learn more about Kick and Evie. Their romance may have been a second chance romance but it had a twist. It was slightly different in that it was more like a third chance? Third time's a charm?
Kick is part of a MC called Storm. He is a bit stormy in that he has a lot of dark secrets that he just keeps down enough that they don't show but they are just above the surface and can cause a storm of epic proportions. One thing has never changed in his life though is that he has loved Evie Bishop for many years. They were only kids when they first started dating and he really feels that this is their time. But does Evie agree?
Evie has simply existed since the last time her and Kick broke up. She goes to work, check on her parents and repeat. She thinks about Kick all the time but can she deal with who he is? Evie is a pretty sweet character. She stands up to super alpha Kick like it is nothing. I really liked that about her.
I can't wait to read more from this author. She writes really great stories that have just enough story with a lot of sex added in for good measure. Relent was a great start to a new series. Characters were introduced that has me waiting for the rest of the books in the series.

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