Review: Escaping from Him

Escaping from Him Escaping from Him by Liam Livings
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Becky's 4 Star Review
Young Darryl/Ford escapes his emotionally abusive, older boyfriend and starts a new life. In this new life, he finds great friends and new love. A story we've heard before, right. That said, Livings does an awesome job of painting a picture with his words and tells a beautiful story. The characters are very well written and I felt like I got to know these people, right along with young Ford. I couldn't put this one down as I found myself wondering if Callum was the "right" one for Ford, feeling sorry for poor Charlie's unrequited love, and loving everything that Gavin had to say! And I can't forget Lena with her broken English and sometimes inappropriate questions and observations. Livings writing style pulled me in deeper and deeper and I had a hard time not turning to the end ahead of time!

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