Review: Sweet Ride

Sweet Ride Sweet Ride by Dani Wyatt
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

***** Crystal's 2.5 Star Review *****
This is the story about an F-bomb dropping donut store owner with a criminal past named Thorne, and CeeCee, a sweet, but sassy woman hiding from her past.
One day Thorne comes out from the backroom of his flagship donut shop to check on the front when he sees CeeCee for the first time. It’s a case of instalust for him and once she leaves, he asks his cashier who she is. When told that she would be back later that day (Friday night ritual), he makes sure he’s the only staff member there.
CeeCee doesn’t know about Thorne, but when she gets to work at the dental clinic, she finds out that she’s got to stay late to help translate a meeting with some investors and her boss (a sleezeball). When she doesn’t show up at the donut shop before closing, Thorne shows up at her work and recognizes what a sleezeball her boss really is and rescues her from the clutches of said sleezeball. This is more excitement that CeeCee has had in a long time. She likes being alone, curled up with her donuts and book boyfriends. All of a sudden, this downright hottie busts in with his suit and motorcycle, rescuing her from her pervy boss.
The excitement’s just getting started with this quick HEA. We have an alpha male and a smart, sassy female and the sparks fly, but I don’t feel it’s reached where it could be. The reason for the 2.5 stars review is 1) the plot is extremely fast moving, 2) there are some editing issues, 3) I had issues with the fact that she stayed to help her father after how horrible he was to her when she was younger, 4) the fact that there was something behind his motives for all the blood testing he was making her go through and she didn’t even think twice about it 5) some plot holes that need to be to be fixed. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this author, so I’m hoping that it’s just an issue with this particular story.

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