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Jasper Jasper by Faith Gibson
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***** April's 5 Star Review ***** 5 Dreams and Screams

Jasper Jenkins was a solitary Gargoyle, feeling like he didn’t truly belong to a clan, until he moved to New Atlanta and joined the Stone Society. Now that he’s finally settling in, his past has reared its evil Gargoyle head and is targeting those around him, including the quirky M.E.’s assistant who happens to be his mate.

Trevor McKenzie’s life is no stranger to heartache and loneliness. His insecurities began when he found out he was cloned just in case his brother needed spare parts. As danger closes in, his boss confides in him that the "the badass" club of gorgeous men he is surrounded by is really a Clan of Gargoyles. When he finds out he’s the chosen mate of the man he considers his best friend, the most gorgeous of the badasses, his insecurities multiply. Trevor must decide if he can trust the love being offered him is real and not just a product of the mate bond.
Reaching back to his warrior roots, Jasper will stop at nothing to protect his mate as well as his Clan.

I first want to say Thank you to Faith for giving me an opportunity to read Jasper for an honest review.

I fell in loved with all of the characters in the Stone Society. But there are two that I felt really hard for and that was Frey and Jasper. I was so excited when I found out that we would actually be getting a book about Jasper's story and I couldn't wait to get it. I loved everything about it. Jasper was beautifully written and the characters were amazing. I can't seem to get enough of Jasper. I will defiantly be getting this book in paperback.I can't wait to see what Faith has up her sleeve for the next one. Again thanks Faith. I couldn't imagine him written any other way then the way you wrote him. Got to love the Fates!

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