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Free your imagination as you delve into this eclectic mix of healing tales from eight authors, just as different as their stories. Lift the lid and take a peek inside The Butterfly Box. Authors include Kate Vine Half Full Contemporary NA Sometimes making the split second decisions are fruitful and give you the best outcome and that’s the best ones. But what if you made a split second decision and it changed all your life. Not in the best kind of way. What if you had to live with regrets of that one night ? What if that one night changed who you were and made you someone different? What if that night made you look different? One decision. One push of the gas pedal. ...Everything changes... [gallery ids="1005,1006,1007" type="slideshow"] Brooke May A Second Chance Paranormal NA Derek: Life isn't all sunshine and love like they tell you when you are a child. Life is about pain, especially mine. I live mine with a daily reminder of the fact that I didn't fight for the woman I love... I didn't go after her when I wanted to. My heart is wrecked, my chest in a vice, and yet I am somehow supposed to keep going, to live with it... So day after day, I live with it, until Annabelle walks back into my life, and she is as beautiful as I remember. Annabelle: Free is how I have lived since I left Fetterman. I try my best to ignore the pain of my past, but my mind always turns back to him and all the questions I have. I am stubborn, I'm well aware of that, and I've never been able to bring myself to go back there until now. The man who is supposed to be my father is ill and I have business to do with him. I don't expect to see him, Derek. I don't expect him to be even more handsome than ever... angrier than ever. I don't know what I expect, and I certainly don't expect a second chance… [gallery ids="1000,1001,1002" type="slideshow"] KM Neuhold Unbreakable Contemporary NA Amie: My life was perfect. Perfect fiancé, dream job working as a veterinarian at a local zoo, and crazy awesome friends. And then I got sick. The diagnosis was a complete shock, too much of a shock for my fiancé. Now I’m trying to get my feet back underneath me and figure out what to do now that my time is running out. Parker: After years of crushing on my gorgeous, unavailable neighbor she’s finally single and I’m not about to miss my shot with her. The only problem is, something is going on with her. For some reason she’s spiraling out of control and I have every intention of being there to catch her when she hits bottom. She may think she’s alone in whatever she’s going through, but she wasn’t expecting me. bb-km Rebecca M. Gibson After The Noise Dies Historical NA "They turn off the lights with a click. I'm plunged back into darkness, back into hell." Percy is a lieutenant in The Great War. After an evening attack, that leads to his hospitalisation, his reality begins to crumble. Believing himself captured by the Germans, he has but one hope...if only he can remember her face. Ida waits in terror for news of her husband. Not long married, she feels lost without him. When the dreaded telegram arrives, she knows she will do absolutely anything to get him back. This is, if he'll let her… [gallery ids="1011,1012" type="slideshow"]
Tricia Copeland Lovelock Ones: Native One Dystopian YA Despite unparalleled global warming and mandatory genetic typing, Jema and Troy’s high school experience in Port Orford, Oregon seems decent enough. But as a second worldwide flu epidemic threatens, their parents send them to a remote Nevada community. Lovelock is an ancient cave a group has transformed into a base camp. With Jema’s sister’s life in the balance, she and Troy must decide whether to risk exposing the group to save her. Will they jeopardize many for one? Find out in Native One, a young adult novella [gallery ids="1015,1016" type="slideshow"]
Eleanor Lloyd Jones Heart Of Life Romance NA Trust no one. Stick together. Do it your way. A life of hardships is an endless road for Jess, but with her soul mate by her side, anything is doable; everything is within reach. Until tragedy strikes... And when tragedy strikes, it leaves an unsettled feeling in its wake—a feeling that nothing will ever be quite the same again. [gallery ids="1003,1004" type="slideshow"]
Riann C. Miller Returning Home Contemporary NA "You don’t meet the love of your life when you’re just a kid. Samantha I lost count of the times I was told to move on. To get over the boy who stole a piece of my heart and kept it with him long after he unexpectedly left town. You can’t force someone to love you and it’s impossible to love enough for two, but I tried. My life moved forward. My heartache slowly lessened. My reasons for living evolved but my heart never forgot. That’s why when Luke Runyan finally returned home, he turned my life upside down. Luke My world revolved around her. I would do anything to make my girl happy, that included setting her free. Without my permission, life marched on but when I closed my eyes at night, she was always the first to greet me. I should have known that returning home would wreak havoc on my life and I should have known even one glance in her direction would make leaving without her a second time practically impossible. [gallery ids="1014,1013" type="slideshow"]
 Katie Fox The Heart Of Him Contemporary NA One day. One hour. One second. That’s all it takes for everything to change... Cassidy Porter is barely holding it together. She lives everyday of her life with a heavy weight on her chest, searching for that one moment when she can catch her breath and not feel the pain that serves as a constant reminder of all that she’s lost. Until him… Samuel Copeland spends his days in the local coffee shop, watching and observing, trying to make sense of his life and the second chance he’s suddenly been given. He doesn’t know how to move forward or where to begin. Until her... Brought together by fate, or perhaps—more simply—the hearts beating within their chests, the two form an unexpected bond, one that has them asking: can two hearts be destined only to beat for each other? [gallery ids="1009,1008" type="slideshow"]

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