Review: Walls of Ainsley

Walls of Ainsley Walls of Ainsley by S.J. Lynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you are a fan of suspense, then I recommend you check out this book. Scarlett, a young journalism graduate has been fascinated with the story of the Ainsley’s and their orphanage ever since she first read about the tragedy that happened there. Her journalist radar was triggered and she felt there was more to the story. After graduating, she travels from San Fransisco, California to Surrey, England and somehow winds up staying at the scene of the crime. While there she meets Brigham Ainsley, though at first, she doesn’t know. Brigham is the son and sole survivor of the events that happened there. He is a broken, shell of a man with a lot of issues. When she finally learns the truth, she doesn’t do what everyone it telling her too (leave), she stays and ends up falling in love with Brigham.
I couldn’t stop reading. This book drew me in and kept me locked inside. I had to know more about Brigham’s past. I needed to know if he would be able to finally heal. I wanted to see him whole. I still don’t have that answer. I do need to say that this book ends on a cliffhanger and I was not happy about that, I wanted all the answers. Now, to wait for the next book. Ms. Lynn is a new to me author, so I will be checking out her other work as well.

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