X-Treme Measure by S.N. Garza Cover Reveal

Title: X-Treme Measure
Author: S.N. Garza
Genre: Adult Romance
Release Date: August 27, 2016PreOrder Available NOW $0.99
X-TREME MEASURE: where everything is for your pleasure. Daniel 'The Duke' Greensboro wants nothing more than to take care of his little girl. Being a male stripper and escort made that happen. He wasn't looking for anything else. Until she moved into the apartment next door and turned his world upside down. When Moriah's financial aid is cut off, she has to find a new place to live and going home to deadbeat parents wasn't an option. Finding a posh apartment in the heart of Houston was her only choice. She didn't anticipate meeting hot, sexy-as-sin, single dad Daniel Greensboro...the neighbor across the hall. When he asks for a favor, she just can't say no. Then one night Moriah goes out with the girl's from work and they head straight for X-treme Measure. She has no idea what to expect, until she sees Daniel, heating up the stage. Seeing Moriah at X-treme Measure is shocking but it provokes him to give her just a little tease of what she could have. Sometimes you find love in all the wrong places. Every once in awhile, it's so worth it.
LADIES! Welcome to X-TREME MEASURE! Where everything is our pleasure! Now, the rules. You ladies know them. What are they?”
A man in his, what I assume, in his late thirties came on the stage, leather tied pants and shirtless, and still, good looking in an old fashioned way. Rugged and dark, he told everybody exactly what every chick in here wanted to hear.
“THERE ARE NONE! Bring the money and let these guys show you a good time. You know our front man, Duke, still looking for his duchess! Will there be a lady tonight to win him? Tito, our latin-lover only too willing to show you the goods. Harley, who wants to take you on a full ride. Sweets, the tall, black delicious piece of chocolate this side of the Mississippi, and Ny, you know who that is! He’ll cure any symptoms! Teddy, the man who’ll let you cuddle any time. Now, ladies, where there are women, there are men and we are only too willing to show you exactly where you should be. Right here, right now! Here’s X-Treme Measures cock kings of Houston.”
The lights flashed and five men slowly prowled the stage, the front man, wore a ball cap, leather pants and a tight red t-shirt. Each guy was wearing leather pants but a different colored shirt and they were all buff and—where the hell did they find guys like this? I mean come on! Only hot guys in Houston and they worked here. Besides my neighbor. He was hot as hell but I would never picture him working here.
Ugh. Why did I have to think about him right now? I shook my head and grabbed my phone from my clutch and looked at my social networks. I heard Justin Timberlake’s Murder come on and I just opened my Pinterest app when I felt a furious tap-tap-tap on my arm.
I looked up and saw Courtney, reaching back to retap my arm. I took her hand and said, “What is it, Courtney?”
I knew I sounded irritated but now that I was thinking about Daniel, my brain totally just fizzled. I hated thinking about him while at the same time he fascinated me. I really shouldn’t be fascinated. He was a dad and he was my neighbor. And today was my birthday, I should be able to have fun without having to think about his sexy as sin scowl and how it made me shiver and my nipples harden underneath it.
“Look!” Mayra pointed up towards the stage.
When I looked up to the floor, all I saw were men gyrating and dancing to the beat. Until I looked right into the eyes of the object of my thoughts. Holy.
"Holy shit, Moriah. He's looking right at you." Courtney, another server said as we all watched the men angulated their hips, pumping their crotches for the ladies in the room before dropping to the floor, and imitating the moves of sex. Driving the female population in here frantic and hormones to rise.
And there he was. Daniel…Duke. Holy crap. He was ‘duke’. And even though he kept up the routine, his jaw was taut and his brown eyes were so cold I’m sure they were black as midnight. And I just couldn’t stop looking.
He worked here? I knew my eyes widened at seeing him. This was so not right. And with the way my body was reacting to his hot dance, yeah, call me corny but that’s what it was. They were dancing and ripping their clothes off. Holy mother of God, they all took their shirts and pulled, ripping and rendering the material useless as they tossed it to the crowd. Daniel’s red shirt tossed right at me. Oh, hell no. I moved away as the shirt landed on the table.
My female parts were reacting to this man and everything inside me was turning into a burning fire of lust and need. The hot molten stare of his black obsidian irises seared into my skin, making my nipples feel swollen and heavy. My vagina was already pooling with arousal. His body was so magnificent. And when I looked down to his leathers? Holy shit. Was he hard? My hormones were going out of control. How could the chicks in this room contain themselves? Wasn’t their lady bits begging for that right there on that stage?
At least, for me they were. Daniel had been kind of short with me lately. I watched over Reighlyn and he avoided me like the plague when he could. I didn't know if he was upset that I had talked to her about going out on a girlie day. Or about the hospital visit I had planned for us in a few weeks.
But watching him now, his milk chocolate colored irises burned black as they maintained focus with me. My insides churned. Butterflies ricocheted all over my stomach. I was starting to seriously regret coming out.
Why did I go out with these girls?
No wonder Daniel had this animalistic but graceful way as he moved. Working here, I bet it made him a sleek panther. A duke. A male holding the highest hereditary—in this case, highest stripper slash male escort—whatever the hell he was called. I mean, he would call himself that, wouldn’t he? 
But I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. He was truly a lethal weapon in this case.
The scene before me was erotic and my core warmed, the juices gathering between my legs and dampening my panties. My legs squeezed together. But there was no way I could move my eyes off of him. But then, my eyes couldn't help but look at each of them. Perfectly muscled abs. The deep v leading down to their groin. When my eyes finally fell back on Daniel, this feral look came over his face and the women in the crowd just ate it up. His head shook with a negative gesture and his nose crunched with absolute fury. I bet if I was close enough, he'd probably be growling. 
"Moriah? You okay, girl?" Rosa, the ring leader of this little venture laid a hand over my arm. Only a hint of concern splashed across her face before she turned back to the show.
"Ladies, can I offer you shots?"
The guy before us had a tray full of different colored tube thingies. He wore exactly what the guy before us did and I had to peel my eyes away and when I looked back up to Daniel, he was burning holes right through me. 
I turned back to the group and we all took a few colored tubes, paid the guy and downed them.
The song slowly came to an end and my eyes met Daniel's once again. His head jerked to the side of the stage where a door lead to the back.
I shook my head no because one. I didn't want the third degree at why I shouldn't be here. Like I was too young for something like this. Two. He wasn't the damn boss of me.
I saw his nose flare, a red hue climb up his neck and his lips moved, saying, 'Now.'
I knew he was serious. Most likely seriously pissed off. Maybe this was a super secret that he didn't want people knowing about. Well I surely wasn't going to tell anyone. The girls with me would figure it out, but I wasn't going to advertise it. they would probably ask me a few questions before going on about their day.
Again, I shook my head. I wasn't scared so much as nervous. He still had a strong effect on me. He had such a demanding presence it almost felt wrong to disobey him. Looking at him, he shook his own head before walking down the front steps with a panther-like swivel as he dodged the greedy hands. The women reaching out, trying to get a small touch of him. And he was heading right this way. Oh, snap.
He approached our table and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop even with the music in the background.
"Moriah. I need to speak with you. Now. I'm not asking."
I felt like stomping on his feet before throwing a tantrum at being told what to do. I couldn't even look at him. He was back in the pants, thank God, and I could see in the corner of my eye his hands were right on his hips. And angry tension rolling off of him in waves. 
"Moriah? You know 'The Duke'?" A shocked Mayra said as the girls with me looked between him and myself. 
"Yes. But his name is—
"Now, Moriah!"
His deep voice was rough as he waited with irritated impatience. I looked to the girls, gave them a smile, because I knew he would never hurt me. I wasn’t scared of him. 
"It's cool. I'll see you girls in a minute."
I got up, Daniel's hand gently slipped around my arm as he propelled me to the stage door, avoiding the grabby hands trying to get a piece of him.
He led me to a room that had a queen size bed, couch, love seat and a few things I'm sure were not appropriate for eyes like mine.
The door slammed behind me and he turned me around, my back meeting the door, none too gently.
"What the fuck are you doing in a place like this?"
"What?" Was he actually?
"Answer me!" We were now nose to nose, his nose flaring in anger, and a one of his fists slammed into the door next to my face, making me flinch. I certainly hope I shouldn’t be scared of him. 
"I'm with those girls. I work with them and they asked me if I wanted to join a night out with the girls from work. They've asked me a few times and I always had an excuse. This time I wanted to prove to myself I could have a life. Have fun. I didn't really think we'd come to a place. Like. This. Besides, it’s my birthday. I deserve some fun.”
"I see. And did you like what you saw?"
I looked over his sweat slick body. The leathers low on his hips. Then my eyes landed on his crotch where there was a noticeable bulge of his erection. The length long against the thin fabric of the leather. Whoa.
I shrugged. I lost my ability to speak. He just looked so...sexy and incredible. His body was flushed against mine. I was a captive in his arms. With the burning stare of his searing me through and through, I didn’t care. 
"I will say this one time, Moriah. Never look at those men."
Wait, what? My eyebrow lifted, the command surprising and unexpected. "What do you mean? They did what you did."
"Yes, but the only man you need to look at here is me."
"Conceited much?"
"No. Possessive."
Possessive? I wasn’t a fucking bone to bury.
"Daniel, you are insane. Let me go.”
"Moriah." His body stepped back, his arms still bracketing me between and his eyes looked over my outfit and his nose flared and then I heard a quick, "Fuck it."
Then he had me against the door, one hand cupping my jaw and the other on my clavicle as his lips crashed home on mine. The dominant force of the kiss clearly told me who was in charge and in control. My hands found his biceps, curling...uncurling. Daniel bent, his hands leaving the wall and skimming over my curves before curving under my knees, lifting me high into the air where I felt the hard ridge of his desire pressing roughly against the thin material of my ridiculously thin flowy skirt and lacy panties. 
All the while his lips ate at mine with savage hunger. I couldn't get enough. My hands slithered up his arms and threaded through his hair, pulling at the short strands. A hiss escaped from his lips and his hands slipped up my legs, cupping my ass. Kneading and sliding his hands beneath the material, touching my bare flesh, and moving my hips in rhythm with his slow grind. His mouth sipped at mine, biting my bottom lip before letting go.
His burning black eyes looked over the flush that i knew stained my body. I have never had a kiss like that. I wasn't a virgin but damn, i might as well be with the way he kissed.
"I've been wanting to do that since that Saturday two months ago."
"That's a long time to be holding it in."
"Yeah, well my hand took care of it every fucking night since."
"Oh, my god. You didn't just say that to me.”
"I could let you take care of it, if you want."
My eyes widened at his request, if that's what you wanted to call it. It was more like a plea, a demand. A command. I had no clue how to respond. I shrugged in response instead, not unwillingly, but I wasn't going to beg him to do what i really wanted him to do. Which was seriously effed up anyway and I’m sure most of it was the adrenaline from the kiss boiling inside my veins, propelling me to act like a wanton right now. But he was still a take charge, bossy, alpha male. I’ve never handled a guy like that.
"I'm going to kiss you, Moriah. If you want me to stop then stop me." His hand reached up to cup my jaw, his eyes waiting for a yes or a no. I was not going to tell him to stop kissing me so i nodded and his hand tightened just a bit, opening my mouth, his mouth descended, his teeth tugging on my bottom lip again before licking its way inside. Just when he had my mouth at the angle he wanted, he moved us, and God as my witness he was sure and strong as he carried me away from the door. His hand finding the base of my hair, wrapping the length around his fist until his hand was to the top of my shoulders. He pulled at my hair, my head falling back as his mouth trailed over my jawline, and down my neck.
My back easily met the soft cushion of the bed and my breath came up short. He leaned into my body, his hands now roaming my body and I had no control except holding on to him as he commandeered my body to his will. Daniels lips were licking and sucking a trail over the swells of my breasts when one hand skated up my thigh, pushing my skirt upward to my waist. His warm palm cupped my center, circling his fingers over the wet lace.
“AH!” Oh, holy mother, it was like I was on fire as his fingers pressed and rubbed at the sensitive nub.
"Fucking so wet, Moriah. This better be because of me, baby."
"It is. Sweet baby Jesus, how could it not be?"
"Good girl." His fingers dipped beneath the material, touching the hot flesh at my core before massaging the wetness over my clitoris in easy, light teases. My body took control and moved against him. Mimicking his rhythm. And when one thick finger found my wet opening again and pushed inside, i cried out.
"Daniel!" My eyes shut tight and then he pushed in two fingers. His fingers stroked the tender flesh between my legs. My walls clamped down around his fingers, gripping them as he slid in and out of me. My breath quickened, and when I opened my eyes, his jaw was clenched, tightening with lust as he pumped into me faster and faster.
"You’re going to come for me aren’t you? Your pussy is so tight around my fingers and so dripping wet." He withdrew his fingers and brought them to my lips, painting them with my arousal. His hand dropped back down to my wet entrance, circling my arousal before pumping back inside. Scissoring his fingers inside, and my eyes crossed and my body trembled. His lips licked my lips and he breathed deep. "Mmmm...and delicious. when i taste your pussy for the first time, i'm going to get drunk on your taste, Moriah. I won't stop until your body is shaking and begging me to stop."
My hands tightened in the bedding, my eyes barely focused. He stroked my upper wall, moving faster inside of me until he was truly fucking me with his fingers. And i wished it was something else. I felt his erection against my thigh, and i wondered if he was going to take me. I could only hope he would.
"Love my touch, don't you?" His mouth was against my neck and his fingers fucked into me with fast drives. "I love how you looked at me."
"You do dance so very good."
A chuckle ran out, his kisses landing on my neck and chest light and easy before he leaned up and over me. His free hand grabbed my hair again and held me still as his fingers became quick thrusts inside. A barely audible squelching noise came from his ministrations and my wet core.
"Come for me, Moriah. Your body needs this. Just let go, baby. I'm going to take such good care of you. that's it, honey. I can feel your walls fluttering around my fingers. Let go, Moriah. Let me have it. Give me your pleasure, baby."
My voice came out as a whimper as i called his name over and over.
"My name is so beautiful coming from your lips. Say it as you come for me, Moriah. Now."
then my walls were clenching, contracting and then releasing around his fingers and i couldn’t control the trembling and tremors that passed through me as i hit my peak. My eyes shut tight as i let go, and my teeth captured my bottom lip as i pushed through my orgasm. It rocked my body as he continued to drag out the pleasure. the hand in my hair tightened and cupped my neck before he sucked the soft skin at the grove of my neck making me cry out.
His name a mantra flying past my lips.
One thing i learned...i could honestly say i've never felt a release like that. Honestly the few times i had sex, i faked it so it would be over and i had no idea how to pleasure myself. And here i was, with a master of seduction. Experiencing release for the first time overwhelmed me and my hands found his neck and i pulled him upward, my mouth colliding with his as i did what he did to my mouth. My hands pulled hard on his head and my legs trapped him and his hand as i gyrated against him against my own volition and i wanted him. right now.
"Moriah? Fuck, baby. You are so fucking hot, baby. No. I can't right now, I'm at work. Fuck!" His hand ripped at the lace material, rendering it useless. "Fuck you feel so good against my hand." I looked up to see him pocketing my panties into the tightening leather at his waist, then letting my hair go and sitting back on his haunches. His hands skirted up my thighs and flipped the rest of my skirt up, exposing myself to his gaze. "Damn, pretty pussy." His hands massaged my inner thigh, before taunting the wet slit. Gathering my juices on the tips of his fingers, he brought them to his own mouth and sucking them clean. "Can not wait to taste this against my mouth."
Daniel's face whipped over to the hard knocking on the door, a harsh, "What?" growled past his lips. My body was thrumming, desperate for more. But I knew it was in vein. He was right. He was at work and I don’t’ know what they allow here but having sex here in this bed, where God knows how many women have been pleasured here...ugh. that is not a thought I wanted. Has Daniel ever done this before? Here? Oh, god. This was messed up. My body felt depleted. I grabbed the edge of my skirt and tried covering myself but his hands tightened and held onto my hips, not allowing me my modesty.
"Daniel." I whispered, a hint of embarrassment coloring the sound of my voice.
"Duke, we have a set in ten, you coming?"
"Yes. Now, leave." The growling demand passing his lips and he looked back down to me. His body radiating need and lust and now I wasn’t going to find out. And maybe I shouldn’t have. The adrenaline was fading. I didn’t regret it, because let’s face it, I got off. I feel great.
"Oh, God. I need to go. This was—
"What? this was what, Moriah?"
"Not supposed to happen."
"Maybe not, but i sure as don't regret it. Do you?" His eyes gentled, his soft brown eyes looking over my body as he brought my skirt over my lap, shielding my privates.
I shook my head slowly. Because I didn't regret it. I knew a sexual tension lied between us but i never imagined we'd ever act on it. 
"There's no going back, Moriah. I only had a small taste and i sure as hell want more."
He scooted off the bed, his hands cupping the back of my knees and dragging me towards the edge of the edge of the bed, my skirt rushing back over my hips. looking at him, Daniel looked right at the apex of my thighs and licked his lips.
"Just one small taste. I have just enough time."
"I'm sorry?"
The next thing i knew, his hands spread me just wide enough for his head to nestle right between my thighs, his tongue licking a warm path over my opening and clit, making me flinch. Then i felt his lips suck at my clit, before flicking over my entrance, pushing his tongue as far as he could go.
"Daniel! Please."
He sucked at the soft lips before going back over my clit and giving it his full attention. His hands fell away, but i didn't pay enough attention as the sensations were running back up and down my body. another peak building. Bringing me right to the edge. My hands clawed at the bed, his name a prayer on my lips. His mouth feverishly licking, biting, nipping, sipping, you name it he was doing it to my vagina like a man drunk on lust.
"Daniel. Daniel! Yes! Oh, yesyesyes!" I felt the tension build until i couldn’t hold it in anymore and it was simple euphoria. A rush like i've never felt before ran over my skin, goosebumps breaking out over my skin and then i heard him groan, his mouth no longer on me but on the inner side of my thigh, where he clamped down, making me cry out with the painful love bite but it was like a shot of pleasure that shot straight to my girl parts and I whimpered out in helpless abandon.
He was breathing wildly and panting hard, quick breaths that i felt skate over my sensitive flesh. I was totally done for.
Daniel was standing, and when i leaned up on my elbows, he was tucking himself into the jeans. My eyes flew to his and a sated smile came over his lips. He helped me off the bed but i could barely keep myself up, so Daniel caught me, keeping me standing.
"You okay?"
"I probably can't even walk. How am I supposed to go back out there? With no panties, no less?"
"Hmmm...you haven't seen not barely walking yet. The feeling will come back in your legs. They just feel like jelly right now. And you won't be staying here. You’re going to go home."
"this wasn't our last stop. They are probably looking for me right now."
"Hell no you're not going anywhere. I know the clubs that are around here. What are your friends thinking? A bunch of women trying to get you in serious trouble. And you are even wearing any fucking panties. I don’t want other men even looking at you. I can fucking smell the sated arousal on your pussy. Get your ass home.”
"Hey. No one is the boss of me. Least of all you, buster."
"That changed."
He was completely serious. And seriously delusional. "No. It hasn't."
"Once you took me as your lover, you gave me that right." I almost flinched at the growl in his voice but hell if i was going to back down. 
"Uh, excuse you? Lover? Your dick came nowhere near my vagina. Therefore you don't have any right. And even if we did, it still wouldn’t give you any right. that belongs to the man i will marry. and maybe not even then. I am not someones property." My finger was poking his chest with each point i was making. "And with that kind of attitude, you surely as hell won't ever get this again." I gestured to my body. I walked around him, furious as all get out. Mostly at myself for playing right into a trap.
His arm snatched my upper arm then slowly and gently slid to the small of my back, bringing me closer to him. His nose bent and nuzzled mine before tickling a path over to my ear.
"You're already mine, Moriah."
"Fuck you."
"I promise you that i will. And soon."
"Ugh." i slapped at his chest before folding my arms. "Let me go. Don't you have a show to do?"
"Don't go to other clubs, Moriah. I want you safe."
"I was safe before you and i'll be just fine now." I pushed him, hard and he turned to open the door, one of his dancer friends hand was already raised, ready to knock on the door once again.
"Oh, uh. sorry, just seeing if everything was okay?" the guy was half naked, hot just like the others as he got a good look on both our faces. Which were similar as how we both looked ready to spit nails. “Need boxing gloves?”
I heard a tight growl behind me, but I ignored it. Asshat.
"everything’s just great. Jackass over here needs a cold shower." I turned to look at Daniel and said, "Have a good night, Duke." then i turned and walked out, going back to the group of girls who sounded excited and were begging for deets on the hot leader of the X-Treme Measure group of men dancers.
I heard him call out my name, but i didn't listen. No one was my boss. Least of all him. One thing was sure though. I would never forget this night. Like ever.
S. N. Garza is from Southeast Houston, Texas, with her husband and two small children. She is a full time Chilihead employee at Chili's Bar & Grill. Author of steamy, sexy, sinfully beautiful stories about strong alpha men and the women who fall for them.
When she's not taking care of her family, or working her tail off, you can find her writing well into the night with her headphones on, or reading another steamy romance novel, attaining another fictional boyfriend. Remember
Where the men are strong, the women, stronger.


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