Never Hold Back (First Responders #2) by JA Essen Cover Reveal

Title: Never Hold Back (First Responders #2)
Author: J.A. Essen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 16, 2016
We all have to live through it. We all have to figure out how to move past it and continue to live. Rachel – Spoiled, little blonde rich girl with no grip on the real world. No grip until an accident puts her in a public hospital with ‘real world’ people. When the officer that shows up to take her statement turns out to be the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes on, Rachel is pulled into his life and her world is put on its head. Zander moved to California four years ago to get past the greatest loss in his life. Love was not something he thought he would ever feel again… or that he wanted to feel again. Little did he know that his world would be turned upside down by a pretty little blonde in a hospital bed. But what happens when loss threatens to take everything you hold dear from you for a second time? You fight. You fight with every ounce of your being to save that which matters most to you. Will Zander and Rachel get their happily ever after?
“Miss Upton, I think I have everything I need for now. Here’s my card. ” My fingers linger on hers slightly longer than professional courtesy permits, but at the moment, professional thoughts are not what is running through my head. Leaning into Rachel I whisper, “My personal cell is on the back.” Taking a step back from the bed, I continue, “Call me if you need anything.”
Turning around, I thank Mr. and Mrs. Upton for their time and tell them I will keep them apprised of the investigation. The gossiping and giggling coming from the room put a smile on my face and I know I left the impression I was going for.
The warm California air smacks me in the face like a heated hand as I exit the hospital, breaking my daydream of what I hope is to come when Rachel heals and is finally able to leave the hospital. Am I jumping ahead of myself? Sure. But I’m also that damn confident that I left her more feverish than her injuries.
My cell phone chirps from my pocket as I reach the squad car. Settling in and placing the iPad on the dock, I retrieve it to see who is bothering me while I’m at work. Nearly all of my friends are other cops, or guys from the gym, and they pretty well know my schedule too. The number is unfamiliar, but I swipe across to bring up the text anyways:
So, you said if I need anything, right? Well, how about a sponge bath Officer BB? ;)
I’ll be thinking about those gorgeous eyes and sexy ass when I sleep later. ~R
“Holy shit!” The words come out of my mouth before I even realize I’ve said them. Damn this girl is forward. Yep, definitely going to have fun with this one when she heals.
Back at the station, it’s the same grind as any other day. Fill out the pages upon pages of information on this MVC. The problem is, what should’ve taken me about an hour has now turned into over two. My mind keeps wandering back to that damn text message from Rachel. Plus, I keep wondering what ‘Officer BB’ stands for? Whatever it is, I don’t care. So long as I get to have some fun with her. My kind of fun.
“Zander!” Jeff, one of the rookies pops me on the back of the head, “So you gonna come toss a few back with us, or are you too busy off in la-la land?” It’s Friday night and there’s a small group of us that always hit the bar after work for beers and babes.
I haven’t responded all day to the text and am not sure if I should. Turning the cell over in my hand so there’s no eaves dropping, I gather the rest of my stuff. “Yeah, man, definitely. I need to clear my head of some shit, anyways.”
Tomorrow is an off day for me, so I grab a ride with Jeff, knowing full well that I plan on drinking heavily and won’t be in any condition to drive. With a little luck, I’ll grab some little cutie at the bar and be at her place tonight anyways. I’ve got Yellow Cab on speed dial for my morning getaway.
Round after round of drinks, the bar seems to just get louder and louder. The other four guys already have their diversions for the night and have been giving me hell about the two I’ve already turned away. It’s not that they weren’t hot as hell, far from it actually. I just can’t seem to get my head in the game as I’d rather have it in between Rachel’s legs. Fuck she’s got me messed up.
Pulling the cell from my pocket, I pull up her text and start typing a response:
I don’t know about a sponge bath, but I’d sure as hell like to read you your rights and then handcuff you… to my bed, and bang you like a screen door in a hurricane until your toes curl and you’re screaming my name.
I press ‘send’ and then put it back in my pocket.
“Who the hell you texting, man?” Jeff, being his normal damn self just can’t keep his nose in his own business.
“Your mama. Just setting up a little cougar action for later!”
He flips me off, “Fuck you, man.” He quit drinking about an hour ago and I see the redhead shift off his lap as he moves. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I know what I’m getting into here in about fifteen minutes.” He smacks her on the ass and turns around, leaving our group.
“I think we’re going to get out of here as well, Zander.” The other guys all push back away from the table and leave with their arms wrapped around their ‘good-times’ for this weekend, leaving me quite drunk, and alone. Definitely not the ending I had seen coming.
Grabbing my shit, I pay off the rest of my tab and head outside to grab a cab. Alone on a Friday night. Well this is a new one for your Zander.
Thank God the cabbie was not one of those chat-you-up on the way home kind. Those guys just piss me the fuck off when I’m this sloshed. Stripping out of my clothes, my cell drops to the floor and as I pick it up, my thumb activates the screen.
“What the fuck?” There’s a missed message. Probably one of the guys sending me a shot of the girl he’s screwing just to get at my hackles. Upon opening the screen up, my eyes widen when I see it’s a response from Rachel. It’s a selfie of her perky-as-fuck tits pushed together and the response:
You promise?
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About The Author
I’m 35 and live in Texas where I run a restaurant 5 days a week. I have been married to my amazing wife for going on 12 years and have two great little boys who keep us on our toes. I started writing last year after my wife, Author Marie James, had been doing so for a year. I enjoyed writing short stories in middle school and high school, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. After reading her books, along with three of my other favorite authors, MNever, CJ Roberts, and JA Huss, I began writing romance and erotica. I have a total of 12 novellas planned right now in 4 different series. Some Rom-Com, some sports romance, and definitely some KINK! Just a heads up when reading though: Be sure to like my Facebook page ( ) to keep up-to-date on all your ESSEN-tial reading needs.


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